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Beautiful Patio of the Universe

Arthur sat smoking cigarettes, exhaling blue ink clouds on a three dimensional globe made of gold.   The breeze flew in like Jesus. The bricks swept clean by the messiah as he saved the lost leaves scattered across the terrace. … Continue reading

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Marijuana pt. 1 & 2

Pt 1. Arthur was very poor. He did not hold any key to financial success, just a combination lock with twenty numbers. This habitat suited Arthur’s hallucinogenic ambitions. He required marijuana like an angel, wings; a volcano, magma. To raise … Continue reading

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white Russian

I was sitting on the front porch of my house deciding whether I had added too much vodka to my white Russian when I saw him moping up the street.  The poor son of a bitch was my son and … Continue reading

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The Company Man

            Hank Argaed was dressed in a two-piece black suit with navy blue pin stripes running vertically toward the ground.  A matching blue handkerchief, folded like a pyramid, poked out of his left breast pocket.  His eyes didn’t match the … Continue reading

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