James Force, 2014

James Force, 2014

Subpar Co-star is the alter-ego of James Force and is the culmination of all creative media types James is interested in.  This particular page is dedicated to creative fiction pieces, from poetry to short stories with a bit of James’s low-fi photography and music included in the mix.  The majority of the pieces are absurdist as James is a strong proponent of cracked reality in fictional pieces.  He is influenced by Richard Brautigan, Jorge Luis Borges, and Nikolai Gogol.

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James has been writing stories since he can remember.  The first one was a detective story involving mutants in a Gotham-esque world.  The detective won.  He has only published one story, and that was through his elementary school when all of the children self-published one story.  James’s was a wholesale rip-off of the Theseus and Minotaur myth, which ended as “all a dream.”

James has been playing guitar since age 12 and started writing songs by age 13.  Never one to melt a listener’s face with raucous solos, he enjoys melodic and ambient soundscapes with pop hooks (on occassion).  He was previously in Death and the Dance Machine, Seraph, and Timmy Tinkins and the Banjocore Experience as the singer, guitarist, and primary lyricist for the majority of the songs.

James wrote original scores for numerous pieces produced by “I Hunger Productions.”

James worked as the audio technician and sound designer for all 7 episodes of the playful Podcast “We (heart) Superman.”

James is the youngest of three and has lived up and down the East coast of the U.S.A., from Maine to Georgia.  He currently resides in Somerville, Massachusetts and is often confused with a muppet due to his hair.  That is fine with James as he is me and I like muppets.


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