Weird starring Buster Keaton; Music Video Contest

Oh yeah!  Buster Keaton dropped by and starred in our music video for Weird.  It was such fun working with him, that we had the crazy idea to host a contest.  The below contest to specific, with all rules and prizes listed.

All are welcome and encouraged to take part!

Make Yourself Weird (A music video contest)
We at Subpar Co-star are a bunch of kooky, artsy types who adamantly believe that everyone can (and should) take part in the imaginative world of creation.   We know how cathartic and fun it can be to work on a creative project and we want you to be a part of this one.  Let your mind flow free and your personality shine through and make your own music video for Subpar Co-star’s “Weird”.  
In making your own video, use whatever footage you would like: film it yourself; pull footage from public domain; make it a series of pictures one after the other; get avant garde and tell us video is dead by filming your big toe for an hour while the song is on repeat.  The Sky is the limit!
Any and all submissions are welcome with a bevy of prizes to be given out to everyone who takes part.  Make sure you keep your name on the video as we want you to get all the credit you deserve for putting in the time and effort to be part of this project.

Download the song “Weird” for free using this link:
Send your Music Video Submission by June 15th, 2015.
1: Make a video however you want using whatever you’d like.  Make sure you give yourself credit by naming the video “Subpar Co-star’s Weird by (your name here)”.  Feel free to have this as text in the video, so it is easily seen once we share it.
2: Post the video to youtube.
3: Email us the link to the video at; include some basic details, such as your name, any details about the video or the process you would like to include, and any funny stories you have heard recently (optional).  We are happy to post any thoughts you included in your email to the social media juggernaut when we share it.
4: We will be posting the videos on all of the related Subpar internet thingy-ma-bobs, so the whole world can revel in your creativity.  Share the post with your video (as number of views will be a part of deciding the winner)
5: Have a beer or a smoke or read a good book to celebrate.
6: Wait for us to respond announcing the winner and runner-up of the contest.  Winner and runner up will be based partly on how much the band enjoys the video and partly on how many people view the video.
7: Enjoy your prize, cause everyone’s a winner.
8. Contest ends on June 15th
Helpful Links:
Don’t worry about the quality of the film or the production involved.  Just make it the way only You can.  Below are a couple of links you can use to find footage to work with if you can’t or don’t want to film it yourself.               (public domain footage, pics, etc, nicely sorted)  (public domain movies)                          (pretty much anything you can imagine)                             (the other half of anything you can imagine)
Everyone who submits a video gets one Subpar Co-star digital album of their choice for free, or (if requested) a hand-drawn physical copy of “Gidgets and Gadgets” album.
Runner up gets every digital album for free, a hand-made physical copy of The Idiot pop-up and short story collection, and admission to 1 show free.
Winner gets every digital album for free, a hand-drawn physical copy of “Gidgets and Gadgets” album, a hand-made physical copy of “The Idiot” pop-up and short story collection, admission to Subpar shows for a whole year, and a Subpar Co-star T-shirt.

About subparcostar

This is a collection of pieces I've done throughout the years, and continue to do throughout the hours. The format of pieces varies fairly considerably, as I am a bit eclectic in my taste. All in all, it's just a bunch of fiction.
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