Co-star Productions

3 booklets on a percussive melody

Co-star Productions is a DIY Micro-publisher based in Somerville, MA.   The aesthetic of the booklets is one of simplicity, to put the focus on the words and images created by the author.  It is an evolving project which started with a $60 printer and some good ol’-fashioned elbow grease.

If you write short stories and/or poetry and are interested in making a short run print of your work you can contact James at  James only publishes pieces he personally likes, but he is very open-minded in taste, so all is welcome.  It is a co-operative experience, and the author/artist gets final say on their bookette.

Current Published Pieces:

James Force

Poetry for the Precinct 

Bug Museum, $20

The Fight

Blood and Piss

A Couple’s Decision


shoney lamar

the cake no one wanted


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