The Loser Club

This was originally a skit comedy show written by Joe Tringali and I after being inspired by Mr. Show in college.  Our good friend Pat Clancy was often in the writing sessions as we split time working on the scripts between Pat’s apartment and Joe’s in Newmarket, NH.  I was living in Portland, ME by this point and would commute down to Newmarket about once a week to jam out the ideas.  We were hoping to have our friend Justin Owens film them, and our friend Chris DiIeso be a jack of all trades, from music to acting to just being sexy.

The humor itself was fairly brash and highly satirical.  Sometimes, we thought it was hilarious.  The overall feel of the show was to be cartoonish, almost.  An absurdist reality in which anything was possible.  However, we didn’t shy away from language or content.

Unfortunately, none of them were ever filmed, but the G-Man Cometh was almost turned into a comic book twice by two different artists, Katie Diamond and Troy Minkowsky.  The pants stealing skit from the Sissies episode was turned into a short film with many amendments made to the concept by our friend Phil Healy of I Hunger Productions.


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