Partial bits of reality

What if I were not me?

I ran starlight through a prism to see the spectrum of wished dreams.

The most unique part of any instrument, is the person playing it.

Be wary of those who spend too much time arguing the rules, as they often miss the defects inherent in the game.

When the only logical explanation is, damned if I know.

The history of humans is full of hugs.  It’s just sometimes, we use the wrong arms.

“Not everyone’s bitter,” she said to me, “some grow into a bright blue sea.”

The greatest thoughts of the greatest minds make the greatest refrigerator magnets.

I still sing even when I don’t have a mic in front of me.

I was marked by a cain.  Herman laughed, cause he got it.

I’ll give it 66% of my time

where ever you are right now: it took you your whole life to get there.

I hate the term “those people.”  I never once heard it accurately describe anyone.

How do you put a lifetime of living into a single line? -a dash between two dates on a tombstone.

Don’t worry.  This is all temporary.

She read her receipt like it was the last chapter of Harry Potter.

Stuck inside photographs documenting incidents of which I can not recollect, of which I can’t remember.

You treat everyone like God, so you fight them.

Every book I’ve ever read ended in a period. With a myriad of words building up to it.

Good friends listen like a diary waiting for the next date.

Of all the insanity that was to ensue, the turtle was the most peculiar.

What happens, when I am not me, anymore?

I don’t believe age breeds wisdom.  It just gives perspective, but if reality is the individual’s perception then age is nothing more than decomposition.  But maybe those burning alive can help to kindle the flames of those yet to ignite.

It’s the loneliest people in the world, who move to cities.

I have trouble finding anyone ugly, but I can’t tell which head is deciding.

I forgot it first, last time. So, I’ll forget it last this time.

Cars look like ships on rainy streets, bucking their hoods with each pothole they hit.

Then they all jumped off a bridge. I jumped too.

I breathe and You (you) breathe.  What’s the difference between our heart beats?

“Stop making fun of my name,” the cockatoo said.  The Peacock nodded.

The loveliest lovely that ever loved me.

Everything I’ve never seen feels like make believe to me.

How did you know my only weakness was physical pain?

Any girl can make a guy cum, but not any guy can make a girl cum. So I figure, that’s why women talk about sex decidedly more than men do, as both move further from puberty.

We can cure emotions with over the counter prescriptions.

It’s a lot like make-believe, just a subjective reality.

Every social movement ends as a retro fashion statement.  Coordinate your clothes carefully.  Mismatched socks may change the world.

Jesus, God.  Shut up!

What piece of what puzzle, am I?

I found my sanity, lying in the gutter reading poetry to the rats and the trash and the soles of passing feet.

We can be alone together.  We can be together alone.

I was blinded by the darkness of the bedroom doorway.  My hands held in front, in case a monster should attack…

Death is never a solution, except for the deceased.

Sometimes, I have nightmares of all my teeth falling out.  Leaving me a gummy mess.  Then I lose one, and I calm down.

I’ll get you a diamond, so you know it’s true.

Rainbow in the wake.

A molecule in a world of universes.

You told me to stay, but I had already walked away.

I like when new things become a part of me.

New study confirms rabid capitalism isn’t a problem; Buying shit is just fun.

Life is a city of clockwork.

What’s the point of putting it down, if you can’t pick it back up.

I’m convinced the blind see more than me.

I get it. You were prettiest in your class in the 8th grade. You never got over such praise.

Let’s get some nutmeg, I said, and trip like old jazz musicians.

When I waved goodbye, you weren’t looking.

It’s true, I’m a scaredy-cat.  The world is quite big and I’m frightened of that.

She had photographic memory with eyes in need of prescription lenses.

She looked like a girl who’d never been loved.

When the night hits, it’s quiet, just the clank of my change as the city falls asleep.

I’m not anything other than me.

There are only 2 types of people in the world: yourself and everyone else.

Banana Bread Baker, we’re all good at something.

My eyes saw red, yours green, but we both agreed it was yellow. Cause that is what we were taught was the hue.

It’s a damn big world, and I don’t take up much space.

The freedom to do whatever you want, cause everything’s already been done.

I’m not bitter, just cold.

There are tiers of distraction.  So, let me cry them for you.  There are pi’s describing existence, but I can’t bake for the life of me.

The land of outsourced opportunity.

Where did everyone I know go?

You’re as stylish as a mannequin wrapped in a billboard’s skin, with a the personality of a thirty-second ad.

Hey, it’s ok.  We all sit in traffic.

Concentrating on polar bears at 2:30 a.m.  I need to know why they’re funny.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m conceited as shit.

I’ve done my time, been convicted of 1000 crimes.  I’m pretty sure I only committed 999.

I don’t know how I breathe.

Walking the streets with grief so heavy, my feet crack the concrete.

Everyone’s got a different face.

We all need someone to disagree with, otherwise, we’d all just shut up.

As if the tiniest breeze could blow it away.

I had a schizophrenic ghost in my apartment.  It swore it kept seeing things that were there.

I talk to squirrels as if they were bums.  “Ain’t got nothing for ya,” you say.

I swear it was me that died that day.

Don’t worry, cherry.  You’ll get rid of the pit.

But, I don’t think I’m crazy.

I stand around town in poses.

My mind was troubled, so I became a troubadour, to pay no mind.

I’ll babble incoherently until you have no regard for me.

No wonder we never saw it.  It was hiding in the sun.

I still don’t know how I breathe.

I believe in the unbelievable, so, I believe in you too.


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