Upcoming Shows:

Subpar Co-star is currently on a live performance hiatus to record a new album.  We will be back playing live in 2015.

Past Shows:


Sally O'Briens 10/11

Saturday October 11th @ Sally O’Briens pub in Union Sq.

The last live performance of Subpar Co-star in the year of 2014.  A fine way for us to take a live performance hiatus as James will be a dad at the end of the month.  It’ll be a sell-out show to say “see you in a while, crocodile” with the super talented Sam Mulligan, Today Junior, and Peachpit rounding out the bill. Don’t miss this show.

Wednesday September 10th @ Hard Rock in Boston

Sponsored by Dig Boston.  A way to relax after work with some fine live music and good company.  Anubis Pop opening.

Saturday, September 6th @ Bull McCabe’s Pub

Live music at its finest with the wonderful Andrew Scandal, the phenomenal Rocket & the Ghost, and lil ol’ Subpar Co-star.

Saturday August 30th @ the Middle East Downstairs

A riotous affair with many bands taking the stage.  Subpar is happy to be one of them,

Tuesday, July 29th @ Tavern at the End of the World

Tuesday the 29th, Subpar Co-star will bohemian some booty at Tavern at the End of the World. Gonna be a great show, and we are extremely excited to announce the fabulous Alex Miller has joined Subpar playing drums and this will be his inaugural gig. We can’t wait for everyone to hear the exciting evolution of our sound with Alex kicking beats.

Free,  21+, Tavern at the End of the World (108 Cambridge St., Charlestown, MA)

10- Chrissy V. (Petty Morals)
10:30- Anda Volley
11- Andrew Scandal
11:30- Subpar Co-Star


June 20th Subpar Co-star Rocket & the Ghost Sam Mulligan Bull McCabe's in Somerville

Friday, June 20th @ Bull McCabe’s in Somerville, MA

The trio of Bull McCabe shows comes to an epic conclusion with a fantastic night of music, friends, and melodic memories.  Subpar is excited to host Rocket & the Ghost from Brooklyn, NY and Sam Mulligan from Boston, MA.  Rocket is a wonderful group of guys with a wonderful mind for songs and even better execution of them.  Sam Mulligan is a ray of sunshine which is digitized and run through an 8bit lens of smiles.  Armed only with a gameboy and a guitar (also two arms), he’ll have you giggling with friends and head banging in no time.  Highly encourage everyone to come out for the full night as it will be a ball rivaling any you have seen in Gone with the Wind.

Bull McCabe’s, Union Sq Somerville (366 Somerville Ave. Somerville, MA)
Doors at 9 pm.

Subpar Co-star           11:15

Rocket & the Ghost   10:15

Sam Mulligan             9:30

Friday, April 4th @ Bull McCabe’s in Somerville, MA

Subpar returns to Bull McCabe’s.  The last time we graced it’s stage it was a sold out night to celebrate the release of The Idiot.  This time it’ll just be to celebrate a Friday night.  Come on out, drink some fine ales, and sing a long if you know the words.

Colin Garrity (of OTP)

the lady comes first

Subpar Co-star

Bull McCabe’s, Union Sq Somerville (366 Somerville Ave. Somerville, MA)
Doors at 8 pm.

Saturday, April 5th @ Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH

To the shire for Act 3 of our ongoing adventures at Milly’s.  We are excited to be sharing the stage once again with Froggy and the Friendship and to welcome Rocket and the Ghost to the madness. Come be a part of another fine evening in Manchester.

Froggy and the Friendship

Rocket and the Ghost (NYC)

Subpar Co-star

500 Commercial St. Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 625-4444,;
Admission $10; 21+ Admitted

Friday, January 17th @ Bull McCabe's

Friday, January 17th @ Bull McCabe’s in Union Sq, Somerville, MA.

It has been over a year in the making and Subpar Co-star is absurdly happy to announce the release of “The Idiot.” It has been a hell of an album to make and the result has grown since day one into a project that no one in the band could have anticipated. To celebrate in the spirit of the “The Idiot,” this release show will not be your typical show. It’ll be a combination of music from the inimitable Abbie Barrett & the last date and Subpar Co-star, an art display, poetry, and spoken word. So, please join us as we release “The Idiot” in a rather Subpar way.

Hear Now Live Presents
Friday, January 17th
Bull McCabe’s, Union Sq Somerville (366 Somerville Ave. Somerville, MA)
Doors at 8 pm.

Saturday, January 4th @ Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH

Subpar Co-star makes their triumphant return to the Shire. We will be playing the delightful Milly’s Tavern (check out their beer offerings) and would love friends old and new to come and support the project. If you haven’t seen it yet, this will be a good one to catch, and if you need more of a pitch to get your butt in gear, sorry, I don’t have one. Subpar is extremely subpar when it comes to promo (when did music become advertising? I think it was in the 40’s.)

500 Commercial St. Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 625-4444,;
Admission $10; 21+ Admitted

Bands Performing:
Bitch Trifecta
Froggy and the Friendship
Subpar Co-star

subpar 11/3 church

Sunday, November 3rd @ Church of Boston in Boston, MA, 9:45 p.m.

Our last show of 2013 in Boston.  What better way to end a great year than playing down the street from where the Red Sox just clinched the World Series.  We get to play an extended set, which will be a nice way to say goodnight to our second year playing live shows.  So open your mind, your ears, and your chicka chicka boom.

Friday, September 20 @ Precinct, Union Sq. Somerville, MA

A great night with a surprise performance by Death and the Dance Machine.  One of my favorite venues in the greater Boston area with the best bartenders and sound staff, hands down.  Come on out for a great night of music and friends.

HearNowLive presents:

The Daily Post

President Soup

Brother Peril

Subpar Co-Star

Mike Mangione

21+ to enter / 21+ to drink
7:30pm doors


70 Union Sq.

Somerville, MA 02143

Saturday, September 21st @ Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH

Subpar Co-star makes their first appearance in New Hampshire. We will be playing the luxurious Milly’s Tavern and would love friends old and new to come and support the project. If you haven’t seen it yet, this will be a good one to catch, and if you need more of a pitch to get your butt in gear, sorry, I don’t have one. Subpar is extremely subpar when it comes to promo (when did music become advertising? I think it was in the 40’s.)

500 Commercial St. Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 625-4444,;
Admission $10; 21+ Admitted

Bands Performing:
8:30pm Harsh Armadillo (
9:30pm Herban Warfare (
10:30pm The Relevant Elephants (
11:30 pm Subpar Co-Star (

Saturday, September 14, @ 119 Gallery, Lowell, MA

Such a great art space in Lowell.  This will be our 3rd show at the 119 and we are hoping for at least a baker’s dozen more. Free show, BYOB, great bands all night.

Doors at 8


Bitch Trifecta

Subpar Co-star


Surprise Party

August ’13

Saturday, August 3rd @ Sally O’Briens in Union Sq., Somerville, MA

Gonna be a fun night of music with fun musicians having fun with music. It’ll be fu….sad and depressing…

Doors open at 9,
Daniel Reinstein and the Recognitions (9pm)
Subpar Co-star (10 pm)
Zevon Helm (11 pm)

June ’13

Saturday, June 29th @ All Asia in Central Sq., Cambridge, MA

A nice surprise show that will be James solo, mostly.  As with all solo shows, it will be a mixture of music and poetry with a couple of people bopping up on stage and being goofy.  Subpar plays at 6:30, so come out early and enjoy a beautiful afternoon weekend.

Friday, June 21st @ Precinct in Union Sq., Somerville, MA

Subpar Precinct June 21

Excited for this show.  It is a Poetry release for shoney lamar.  The exciting part is that I helped him put the book of poetry together.  Then I got to put together a night of my favorite DIY bands in Boston to support the release.

HearNowLive presents:

Surprise Party

Subpar Co-Star

Coo & Howl

Shoney Lamar


May ’13

Subpar Armory 5/11

Saturday May 11th, at Armory in Somerville.  Free, all ages

A night of fun and music at the Center for Arts at the Armory in Somerville (191 Highland Ave;

Here’s the lineup:

7:30pm – Subpar Co-star (

8:30pm – The One Smith (

9:30pm – Coo & Howl (

April ’13

Saturday April, 13th at All Asia in Cambridge, MA (solo show)

Subpar Co-star @ 6:30 pm

18+ show.

I am gonna experiment with spoken word at this gig.  Should be a fun.

March ’13

Saturday, March 30th at 119 Gallery in Lowell, Mass.

Subpar Co-star at 8:00

Surprise Party at 9:00

Masingo at 10:00

Aching Rivers at 11:00.

February ’13

Friday, Feb 22nd at Lily Pad in Inman Sq., Cambridge  

Subpar Co-star plays @ 12 a.m.

One of our best sets yet, but only five people were there to see it.  Joe Kowalski played grand piano and Jenée Morgan joined on violin with the steadfast Adam Sherman and Erik Spooner on guitars.

January ’13

Saturday, Jan 26th at Sally O’Briens in Union Sq., Somerville

A great way to start the new year.  Subpar will be playing our first show of 2013 in our home square, Union Sq in Somerville.  It being a new year, it only makes sense we play a new bar (for us.)  There is no cover for the show, so come on out and enjoy an extra beer… on us?

Zevon Helm return, after their triumphant debut appearance at First Night!

The Steve Walther Orchestra summon the spirits of lost sea captains!

Subpar Co-Star re-write world history!

No Cover, doors at 9 pm


November ’12

Sunday, November 18th at PA’s Lounge in Union Sq. Somerville.

Going to be a great show with Said The Whale (on tour from Vancouver, Canada) and Froggy & The Friendship. So treat yourself to an amazing show right around the corner at PA’s Lounge.

Said the


Froggy & The

October ’12

October 6th @ Lilypad in Inman Sq. Cambridge, MA  (7pm All Ages)

On Saturday October, 6th @ 7pm, we play our first show back in the Boston area.  We’ll be playing a wonderful venue called Lily Pad in Inman Sq in Cambridge.  It is an all ages show, so bring the whole family.  The room is intimate with a grand piano and large windows gazing upon Cambridge street.  I saw John Medeski play a solo show at Lily Pad in December; I am proud to be standing on the same stage.  In addition to Adam and Erik on guitar, Joe “onlyone” Kowalski will be playing piano, grand piano.  It is a great way to come back to Boston.

September ’12

Friday, Sept 7th @ Moe’s Tavern (downstairs of Radio) Union Sq. Somerville, MA

A fantastic evening with wonderful performances all around.  E.P.S. started the night off with a great thirty minute solo set of songs which can only be described as E.P.S.  Froggy and the Friendship never cease to amaze,  Their energy is viral and their melodies infectious.  ShaShaSha had their first ever gig with us this night.  It was a great way to start a project off.  Really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of their first disc.  We closed the night out keeping it loose and inspired with some good connections between songs.

Saturday, Sept 8 @ Gallery 119 in Lowell, MA

A cool art space just outside of downtown Lowell.  Open format with 2 (oops, oh shit), ahem, 1 glittery basketball hoop hanging behind the stage.  We started the night off.  It felt good to be in a small space, as I was able to get a bit crazier with the vocals, off mic.  After the set, a man with same name as me said, “You’re innovators.”  I thought it was a hefty compliment and thanked him.  Surprise Party ripped the stage up second.  They remind me of everything I love about garage rock.  Arthur followed suit, as in a suit of armor, get it?  Awesome as always, they laid it bare with Lee from Surprise Party playing drums.  A real treat to see him rock two sets.  Then we had to leave and as such, missed Little War Twins set, which was a shame.  I was really looking forward to seeing them.  Unfortunately, I left a bunch of merch stuff at Radio the night before and had to get back before it closed.  So I kinda lost that battle, get it?

Sunday, Sept 9 @ Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, MA,  (5 pm, 21+ $8)

Friday, Sept 14 @ Gulu Gulu in Salem, MA (8:30 p.m. 21+ Free)

with Froggy and the Friendship (yay) and Fishing the Sky.  Gulu Gulu sounds like a fantastic place to play a show.  It’s free to get in and you’re free to tip the bands if ya dig.  I like that system.

Wednesday, Sept 19 @ Uchu in Portland, OR  (7-9 pm, Free, All ages)

This will be my first show on the West Coast.  It is an evening in Portland, OR hosted by the wonderfully talented Absent iris.  She’ll be playing a short set to start and end the night with Subpar playing the bulk of the middle.  Thoroughly excited to be able to play this show, and looking forward to the experience.

August ’12

Took the month off from shows to practice and travel.  It was very nice.

July ’12

Friday, July 6th @ Precinct in Union Sq. Somerville

I think I always say Precinct is my favorite club to play at, and I’m gonna say it again.  Great club, great sound system, great sound guys, great beers, great food, great bands and all with a great neighborhood vibe about.  July 6th will be another awesome night as we roll out a bunch of new songs and play some favorites.  Sharing the stage with Evil Animals and Wolf Blitzer (the band), so, it’ll be a blast of a night, although the 4th may have it beat. Show starts at 8, and Subpar Co-star opens the night.  So be there early to catch a wonderful night of music.

Precinct Bar, Union Sq., Somerville, MA

Subpar Co-star 8 p.m.

Wolf Blitzer 9 p.m.

Evil Animals 10 p.m.

July 2nd @ Mid East Corner Room, Cambridge, MA

A fantastic night at an iconic Boston Club.  Played an extended set with a great opening performance by Sister Mary out of RI.  Highly encourage people check her out, as her voice makes one happy.

June ’12

June 18th @ Mid East Corner Room in Central Sq. Cambridge, MA.  9:30 p.m.- 10:45 p.m.

Absolutely free show, with guest musicians Adam Sherman and Erik Spooner joining me.  A 75 minute set, so be prepared for plenty of new material, a cover or two, and some older songs I have done with previous bands.

18+, no cover.

June 5th at Precinct in Union Sq, Somerville.  8:30 p.m.  $5

Gonna be a wonderful night with Adam and Erik joining me for my set.  Surprise Party will be laying out some sweet rockage as well, which makes me happy.  As I, like their tunes.  I start off the night at 8:30, so be there early to rock.


Subpar Co-star

Surprise Party

Froggy and the Friendship

May ’12

May 18th @ Radio in Union Square

A nice surprise last second show.  Playing the opening spot in the downstairs, a.k.a. Moe’s Tavern, with my guest Amanda Hugandkiss… wait! Damnit!

Subpar Co-star 9 p.m.

Mascara 10 p.m.

Adam S. and Joe K.  11 p.m.

May 17th @ PA’s Lounge in Union Square

A great night of music at the local horse shoe bar in Union Square, Somerville.  Played many an open mic around the bar and seen many a great rock and roll show on the stage. Got a great line up of music with me kicking the night off with Adam Sherman and Erik Spooner.

Subpar Co-star 8 p.m.

Surprise Party 9 p.m.

Arthur 10 p.m.

H 11 p.m.

April ’12

Friday 4/20 at (my favorite bar) Precinct in Union Sq., Somerville.

A fantastic line-up with me kicking the night off.  Door’s open at 7 p.m.  $10, 21+

Subpar Co-star

Christopher Paul Stelling

Division Tree

Dead Cats Dead Rats

Shoney Lamar and the Equal Rights

Thursday 4/5 at Moe’s Tavern in Union Sq. Somerville.

A low key show with Ryan Schmidt and Motel Black.  A nice night of old friends and high school band mates catching up.

March ’12

Wednesday 3/28 at the Milky Way Lounge in Jamaica Plain.

An acoustic roundtable of Lance Riley, Dann Russo, and myself.  We’ll swap short sets throughout the night and apparently split a pizza and pitcher for payment.  Pretty excited about the pitcher and pizza.  It’s a free night, no cover, so come on down to the Milky Way. The show starts about 9 p.m.     result – a ridiculously fun night with Dann Russo and Lance Riley playing great sets and wildly entertaining covers together, not quite perfectly, until the audience hopped on the stage.  It was a Last Waltz of The Weight by The Band and then we all said goodnight and chuckled our way home.

Saturday March 10th, 2012 at All Asia in Central sq. at 4 p.m.  Got a last minute booking and played two shows in one day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012 @ Rosebud Diner in (Davis Sq.) Somerville, MA. 21+

Subpar Co-star 9-9:35

Orange Television 9:50 – 10:25

Dude Fuckin’ Yeah 10:40 – 11:20

The Marines 11:35- end of night

January ’12

Sunday, January 29th, 2012 @ Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA.  18+

Subpar Co-Star 8:30 p.m.

Light.Sweet.Crude 9:30 p.m.


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