Once in a while it’s good to see someone fuck, just for the sake of fucking.

The goddess of the cosmos and the perverts.

Per an Angel, “I’m a cunt, when it comes to cock.”

I find the wind erotic.

Speed, intensity, and density: These are three things that concern your anus whilst pooping.

Tequila’s got a boyfriend.

I jizz just for you.  It’s crude but true.

My climax peaked, heart pounding, cockspasming- “Don’t worry,” she said.  “It’ll get better.”

Diarrhea slide down shit mountain.

I hate you like sex.

If you hang out with sexual people, someone’s gonna get fucked.

I had a dream last night of a unicorn eating it’s own shit.  I woke up trying to decide if that was a good or bad thing.

The taste of a period, is life after it has died.

Admiring beauty has come to confuse my sexuality.

Hot as a quart of strawberries spilt on a summer, city street, rotting in the gutter with a discarded condom for company.

If you’re not a freak, I don’t want you between my sheets.

I wasn’t done with you until she put her dick in you.


2 Responses to Explicit

  1. ~Angel~ says:

    I miss our backyard shindigs & conversations

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