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Live at Sally O’s, live album

Give a listen.  For a limited time, we will be streaming the full live set of Subpar Co-star’s show at Sally O’Brien’s in Union Sq. Somerville, MA from October 11th.  This was the last show Subpar played before going on … Continue reading

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Friday, 6/21 @ Precinct in Union Sq. Somerville, MA

The next Subpar Co-star show.  shoney lamar is releasing a book of poetry, “the cake no one wanted.”  I helped him put it together then helped put together a show of my favorite DIY bands in Boston.  It is going … Continue reading

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8 Minutes to Midnight Video

I always thought it would be nice to do a visual piece for this song, “8 Minutes to Midnight” off of the Gidgets & Gadgets album, so I did.  The footage was captured by Joshua Force and James Force in … Continue reading

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Modern Colonial

Near the heart of a city -closer to the lung- I stood smoking an American Spirit between three towers taller than Babel. A colonial blacksmith -in a tri-corner cap- commuted by. “I’m off to the Freedom Trail,” he said into … Continue reading

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A bad joke to tell at a party when the beer is running low.

There was once a man named Greg who wanted a perfect wife. He put a five-karat diamond on a platinum band, Then shoved it to base of his penis. ‘The first girl,’ he said, ‘to retrieve it completely hands-off, keeps … Continue reading

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Every second of your life is your entire life, passing second by second.

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Hank visited for three weeks in July.  It was supposed to be two.  He came to town see his daughter, Angel, my neighbor.  Diesel, Angel’s boyfriend, shook his hand when he arrived. “You named your daughter wrong,” Diesel joked. “Nope,” … Continue reading

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