Saving the Children

The Guardian of the Street

Saving the Children swam Her way through the crowd

with perky breasts bouncing happy as Her smile.

Pink flip-flopped feet on tip-toe

She scans a sea of Businessheads

hoping to catch their eyes.

“Hello,” She says

arching Her back for sales.

“I like your tie.  Buy a child?

Only ten cents a day,

and who doesn’t have ten cents these days?”

I’m sure She’ll succeed.

Suckling on Her perky Tits

Saving the Children will keep

the world’s HaveNots well fed.


About subparcostar

This is a collection of pieces I've done throughout the years, and continue to do throughout the hours. The format of pieces varies fairly considerably, as I am a bit eclectic in my taste. All in all, it's just a bunch of fiction.
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